Budget Panels

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GreenCountertopsDirect sells budget panels at discounted prices in a variety of sizes and colors. These remnants are earth friendly, fully functional panels but do not meet precise PaperStone® quality standards for some of the following reasons...

  • partial panels from completed jobs
  • non-standard thickness
  • discontinued color
  • minor blemishes or scratches
  • slight warping
INDUSTRIAL-GRADE PANELS — Visually imperfect, but structurally sound For applications where appearance is not important, industrial-grade panels may be a good solution. While structurally sound, these panels are not produced to visual countertop standards and may be off-color or slightly warped. Uses for industrial-grade panels include: garage shelving, work benches or other applications where visual appearance is not a factor.

Budget and industrial-grade panels are sold AS IS with NO WARRANTY.

Must have an appointment to pick up from the factory once the order has been placed.


Here are the budget panel color names and which standard PaperStone color that they most resemble.

Black --- Slate
Gray --- Pewter
Dark Gray --- Graphite
Mottled Dark Gray – Gunmetal
Tan--- Almond
Light Tan - Sand
Warm Dark Tan --- Leather
Brown - Buckskin
Very Dark Brown --- Chocolate
Mottled Dark Brown --- Mocha
Mottled Medium Brown --- Sienna
Dark Green --- Evergreen
Dark Blue Grey --- Denim
Dark Red Wine --- Cabernet
Very Dark Blue --- Indigo (Discontinued)
Dark Blue Green --- Grass (Discontinued)
Dark Purple Red --- Plum (Discontinued)
Manila Yellow --- Straw (Discontinued)

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Due to the size and weight of PaperStone® panels, most panel orders will be palletized and shipped via common carrier. Customers need to be present to receive their delivery and have helpers available to assist with the unloading. Drivers are not allowed to help. Smaller panels, weighing less than 80 pounds, may be shipped via UPS.

PaperStone® weighs 1.8 pounds per square foot per ¼” in thickness. For example, a 30” x 6’ panel that is ¾” thick weighs 81 pounds and a 30” x 12’ panel that is 1 ¼” thick weighs 270 pounds. The pallet and packaging will add additional weight.

Order multiple panels and save on shipping!

Budget panel orders are shipped to you within two weeks of order placement.

For more information please email sales@greencountertopsdirect.com or call 888.655.5040.

Customers within driving distance of Hoquiam, Washington may call 888.655.5040 and make arrangements to pick up panels at the factory.